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I found this example by my office when getting lunch. I showed the picture to Michelle who said she liked the use of papyrus in this instance. Michelle particularly liked the swirl for the “o” & wasn’t about to join me in ranting. Papyrus, you win that round. However, it’s my blog & I’m here […]

This example can be found at Viva fine foods & bakery. I stop in occasionally when en route to the Vancouver Museum. Tasty breakfast pastries & coffee, nice staff, but unfortunately a perpetrator of font crime. I’m trying to figure out the usage of papyrus here as Viva’s logo is a serif font. My inclination […]

I’d actually been saving this for a while now because I couldn’t believe how Papyrus was being used to signify that somthing is handmade or hewn from stone. The full context of this is that someone sells little fake rocks so you can build your own little teeny Inuksuk in your own home.

I hate this font