I recently caught The Nerdist podcast with Billy West and and John DiMaggio, who are two amazing voice actors most known for being Frye and Bender on Futurama. If you weren’t aware, the show has been running again since June and the first episode The Bots and the Bees is a hilarious new start.

John DiMaggio plugged I Know That Voice, which is a movie he’s producing about voice acting. They’re trying to get it into festivals and right now and hopefully it’ll get wider release soon. I’m really excited since this is an underdiscussed part of animation and acting. In the podcast West and DiMaggio talk about what goes into a voice and the range of expression that they need to convey convincingly and how that will fit into an image. I was taken by the fact that the actors weren’t used to discussing the minimalism of their performances like in the visual arts. There is a nakedness to voice acting that the animation process enables that theatre can’t. Think about how pantomime is acceptable in theatre but a voice behind a curtain would be a hard act to pull off.

In the podcast I also love the entire bit about Marge Schott that I highly encourage anyone who was a baseball fan to listen to.

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