I was really taken by the short above by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the Gregory Brothers, and the ACLU. It does such a great job of using animation to demonstrate an individual’s rights to photograph the police in public spaces through a catchy song and the ghost of Benjamin Franklin. This has been such a huge topic recently and I’m glad to hear that recently the Department of Justice has decided to explicitly say that the public has a right to record the police.

This has really increased my interest in Benjamin Franklin and has made me wonder how we could do something similar to illustrate Canadian laws and circumstances. The increasingly insane rhetoric from the Conservative party about Child pornography, Hitler, and format shifting makes me fear for the future of my country if these people are not opposed.

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  1. Ms Snickerpamts says:

    Very topical with the recent Toronto G20 hearings just ending as well. Nice link. Thanks!

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