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I’ve been hooked on Pogo’s remixes of Disney films on his YouTube channel. I saw Wishery first but have gotten to like Bloom a lot more since it jumps between so many films. The inside of my head looks like this sometimes. Especially his T2 edit.

I had no idea Benjamin Franklin was a ladies man.

I was really taken by the short above by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the Gregory Brothers, and the ACLU. It does such a great job of using animation to demonstrate an individual’s rights to photograph the police in public spaces through a catchy song and the ghost of Benjamin Franklin. This has been such a huge topic […]

Now, I love Joss Whedon and will honestly read/watch/listen to anything he makes. ANYTHING. But I have a problem with how obsessed he is with the specific actors that he chose to play his characters. The recent fan-driven discussion around bringing back Firefly indicates how specific the actors are to the characters: Step 2: Cancel […]

On April 26th I eagerly attended a Vancouver SIGGRAPH presentation by Ken McGaugh on Double Negative’s creature work in Disney’s John Carter. It was great to hear about how Double Negative worked with director Andrew Stanton to figure out how the Thark performances were going to be done. Stanton chose Double Negative, who isn’t known […]

I hate to admit that I’d never heard of Peter Stephan Jungk’s book Perfect American before I read the about Philip Glass doing a stage production of the book. Michael Barrier has some real issues with the book, but it seems like it’d be an interesting read to get an idea of the popular myths […]

Image via Movieline Wow, so much cool Avengers stuff in the last week. I’m glad that it’s been revealed that Kevin Feige is behind the Avengers Initiative storyline. Interviews with him: Wired Movieline SuperHeroHype Cinema Blend Joss Whedon Interviews: Wired Salon Movies Online Wired loves the Hulk and has video on how it was done. […]