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Recently I caught a Boing Boing post about the USA’s deployment of predator drones along the Mexican border and it made me think of the sequence in Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. It’s the sequence where the Predator drone is launched after the Decepticons knock out communications in the area and it’s the military’s last resort. Even though they’re pals with advanced alien robots, the American military’s only option is the Predator. This puts a new spin on illegal aliens.

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  1. Josh H says:

    So the best solution to sentient machines with the ability to take over and give live to other machines, is a robotic machine? No wonder I skipped that movie.

    As for the Mexicans and the border, I have faith that this will slow things down for a few weeks while the coyotes learn the fly patterns or buy radio’s tuned to air traffic control channels.

    The way it is most likely to actually stem illegal immigration is adding to the national debt and destroying the economy when the sovereign debt crises hits.

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