Death by VHS was the name of Clint Enns and Leslie Supnet‘s awesome program of short films from Winnipeg through the DIM Cinema series at the Pacific Cinematheque on Monday the 30th of August. Link soup follows.

Cattle Call (2008) by Mike Maryniuk & Matthew Rankin
Thunder at the Track (2005) by Walter Forsberg
Zwei Indianer Aus Winnipeg (2009) by Darryl Nepinak
How to Care for Introverts (2010) by Leslie Supnet
I’m Bohunky-Dory With it (My Nose) (2007) by Sandee Moore
Drawing Genesis (2007) by Jaimz Asmundson
Pants! (2007) by Divya Mehra
Discovering Compositions in Art (2008) by Heidi Phillips
The Death of Natural Language (2007) by Clint Enns
Trafiiiik (2007) by Robert Pasternak
Brodeo in Leather (2008) by Gwen Trutnau
Cold Satie (2007) by Simon Hughes
Mechanical Film Studies (2010) by Andrew Milne
In the Drugs (2006) by Hope Peterson
Death by VHS (2010) by Damien Ferland

Thanks Clint and Leslie!

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