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Last Thursday I went to Blim to make buttons for Claudia’s Sports Day birthday extravaganza. Before Claudia had told me to put a beagle on the badge I had already made up a couple of different versions that included her face. The following image was  Michelle’s favourite:

Claudia loves the stabbin's

Claudia loves the stabbin's

I designed the buttons based on the Canada fitness awards from the eighties. I’m not sure why I have such fond memories of those badges since I never managed to get anything above “Participant.” However, I recall really liking the design even as a kid.

Sports day went off without a hitch and due to my ankle injury, I was able to ref the different events that included an egg and spoon race, a clothing race and a softball game. The only event that misfired was MadMenton since there were technical difficulties with the net. MadMenton is basically badminton, but the rules stipulate that you hold a drink/cocktail in one hand while playing. Oh Mad Men, what don’t you inspire. And there was a bouncy castle thanks to Liz B’s organizational savvy:

Bouncy Bouncy, oh such a good time...

Bouncy Bouncy, oh such a good time

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