The BBQ goes into the evening

Back in early August, I had a chance to catch up with Amber Mortensen of the supremely cool fashion blog Painfully Hip at Aaron’s rooftop BBQ party where everyone got also got to meet her adorable beagle, Buckley, who is the source of the current wave of beaglemania sweeping the nation. Well, ok, sweeping over Claudia. But look at this face:


Buckley, up close

Try to resist that face. Exactly, you can’t.

Beagle aside, Amber asked me to do some fashion photography for her blog meetup with the lovely Gen and Zoe of Loaded Bow at Chill Winston, a restaurant and lounge in Vancouver’s historic gastown. The shoot was a complete pleasure as the kind folks at Chill Winston let us push furniture around and take over a smallĀ  corner at the front and Amber brought a small treasure trove of clothes for Gen and Zoe to try out. Here are some of the shots and here’s the link to my flickr set:

Gen and Zoe in outfit #1

Gen and Zoe in their first outfits

Amber getting Gen ready, like a hummingbird she is.

Amber getting Gen ready, like a hummingbird she is.

Amber gets Zoe ready while Gen lurks.

Amber gets Zoe ready while Gen lurks.

Amber and Painfully Hip was recently profiled in the current issue of N.E.E.T. Magazine which also has a feature on the Autum 2009 Dear Creatures collection that’s pretty freaking awesome. I love the vintage girl scout approach which manages to be cute while retaining a sense of adventure and camp fire sing-a-longs:

so, so pretty.

so, so pretty.

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