Zombies looooove the Red Cross

Zombies looooove the Red Cross

I spent a good chunk of last weekend on the set of a short zombie movie called Hell of a Wedding as the stills photographer and backup boom mic operator. The filming went well and it was really fun hanging out with a pack of zombies for hours on end. I was amazed at the skills of the makeup artists who did an incredible job of bloodying up the actors and kept them looking like they were freshly rotting.

zombies raid the craft table

zombies raid the craft table

As a photographer, it was a great opportunity to photograph a lot of people in makeup and all the actors were great models. There’s something about the zombie makeup that makes the most mundane things expressive or at least contradictory and each person brought something different and awesome.

Theres an app for that

There's an app for that

I posted all of the original photos to my flickr account and separated out the ones that I processed. Which meant that I didn’t have time to process any photos from the actual wedding I photographed for Melissa Gobby and Richard Perron back on August 15th. It’s so like zombies to get in the way. Hell of a Wedding was written and directed by George Somerwill with Knesha Yu on camera and produced by Liz Cairns.

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