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Back in September I had spoken to Megan and Jay of the amazing band Fine Mist about helping them make some t-shirts. They needed help because they were trying to recreate a design that had originally been done in scotch tape and gold spray ink on one shirt, but were unable to make multiples because […]

On Saturday December 5, Michelle, Mauve and Setareh who work together at Whitecap books dropped by to do some screen printing and so I could do my tortilla tutorial that I had wanted to do for Michelle Meals. I had 4 screens assembled and prepped with photo emulsion so we didn’t waste any time with […]

Back in June I travelled to London to visit friends and the Netherlands to finally make a pilgrimage to the country that sprang forth Piet Mondrian and MC Escher, two of my favourite artists. Why would someone on this trek to visually ransack a culture with a long line of talented artists then decide to […]

For Rich’s birthday I decided to create a beer brand and label for the home brew that he’s been cooking up since the summer. The first batch was named after our softball team, the Re-Ups, but we all agreed that the beer should be its own thing. I batted a couple of ideas about and […]

On Monday, September 25th, another rally was held outside the Liberals’ public finance committee meeting in Vancouver. The turnout was awesome and it was great to see so many people there to oppose the cuts and demand for Arts Minister Kevin Krueger’s resignation. The rally made it into the Georgia Straight Blog and there was […]

I had the most amazing Saturday at Barcamp Vancouver with my friend Richard and a whole panopoly of Vancouver’s creative community. I’d never been to Barcamp before, so I really wan’t sure what to expect in terms of the organization or presentations, but like most user groups/conferences, there was waaaaay more amazing content than one […]

Last Thursday I went to Blim to make buttons for Claudia’s Sports Day birthday extravaganza. Before Claudia had told me to put a beagle on the badge I had already made up a couple of different versions that included her face. The following image was  Michelle’s favourite: I designed the buttons based on the Canada […]

I’m known to be a verbose person, but the cuts to BC arts funding have left me rather speechless because I don’t know what to say to the slew of people that are going to be losing their jobs immediately or in the near future. I’ve been out of work since May and can only […]

Back in early August, I had a chance to catch up with Amber Mortensen of the supremely cool fashion blog Painfully Hip at Aaron’s rooftop BBQ party where everyone got also got to meet her adorable beagle, Buckley, who is the source of the current wave of beaglemania sweeping the nation. Well, ok, sweeping over […]

As a tech nerd, Apple fanboy and media historian, I’ve been following the Apple tablet rumors for the past couple of years and fawning over the possibilities every time a new patent is released or news piece pops out and tweaks the whiskers of nerds around the world who then flood news sites, tech blogs […]

I spent a good chunk of last weekend on the set of a short zombie movie called Hell of a Wedding as the stills photographer and backup boom mic operator. The filming went well and it was really fun hanging out with a pack of zombies for hours on end. I was amazed at the […]

July 19 was a hot and humid day in Toronto, the heatwave was supposed to have partially broken by the lightning storm that was suppose to have happened the day before. The night was clear though and the late afternoon sun shone brightly, illuminating the new concrete and glass condos that encircle the area around […]

Thanks to First Weekend Club, I was able to go with Rich & Claudia to go see Rip! A Remix Manifesto at the gorgeous District 319 on Main Street. I was blown away at the venue which is an adult’s dream movie theatre: nice comfy chairs and they even let you bring wine in. Civilized! […]