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I love how this image keeps the superhero thing going into the DC world and also harkens back to the 60’s disco Batman rather than the current serious incarnation. McCain’s Penguin isn’t the main attraction for me as Palin’s Catwoman is eerily accurate because it acknowledges how she was deliberately chosen to represent sexuality with […]

I’d actually been saving this for a while now because I couldn’t believe how Papyrus was being used to signify that somthing is handmade or hewn from stone. The full context of this is that someone sells little fake rocks so you can build your own little teeny Inuksuk in your own home.

Someone has already started collecting all the different Obama buttons from the past election and is up to 10 pages so far. I love how the “I Like Ike” button is referenced here because it shows the flexibility of that original button and how Obama has already got an iconography that is starting to develop […]

I hate this font